Planet X RT58 Carbon Di2 Ultegra 6870 install possible?

Drpepper99uk Posts: 2
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Hi everyone,

New to these forums, however a long time reader of the BR website :)

I have owned my PX RT58 Carbon since February and it's been a great bike, the existing mechanical Ultegra 6800 groupset has been fine however i'd really like to make the switchover to Di2 and this is where i'm unsure if it's possible to have a nice internal cable setup installed due to the fact that the frame is not Di2 ready, and also the existing gear cable holes might not be suitable and drilling into a carbon frame to make extra holes will obviously compromise the structual integrity of the frame making for an accident waiting to happen. Ideally i'd like to hear from other RT58 riders to see if they have managed to have a Di2 groupset installed without having cables trailled outside the frame etc which is something i'd like to avoid as one of the thing that originally appealed to me was the stealth look of the bike and how all the internal brake and shifter cables were fed through the frame neatly unlike my previous road bike.

Any opinions or idea's? I don't know a huge amount about the Ultegra Di2 E tube system so would be interested to hear more info.