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Advice - First commuter bike for 15km each way (9 miles)

madstermadster Posts: 5
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I've been reading this forum a lot to learn as much as I could about bicycles, and I thought that asking for advice here wouldn't harm.

I narrowed down the range of bicycles I like and I went down to these 4. I like them all and I really can't decide between them.... need your help on this!


1) Lombardo Ventimiglia Carbon 699€
2) Trek 7.2 FX Disc - 685 €
3) Giant Rapid 4 - 599 €
4) Giant Escape 3 - 419 €


15km each way
60% out of the city with many roundabouts where I have to go off road to the sidewalk and then come back on road (often the path is not smooth and I have to 'jump'), one steep hill on the middle of the path (about 100m), and then 40% of city crazy traffic.


No shower in the office, so I need to take my time, speed is not in my list of must have, however it would be nice to have a bike light enough to help me out on the hill.

Thank you in advance!


  • I can't comment on all of the bikes but my first bike was a Giant LX (thinks it's the equivalent of the escape) it was a hybrid and I loved it (although it was heavy). I did a real mix of canal tow paths and road. As I became more experienced I started to join in on group rides and do longer rides. Unfortunately I was always pulling up the rear and realised my bike was simply too heavy. With huge regret I sold it and bought a specialised Ariel sport (which I also love) Still a hybrid but far lighter and more gears, it's made a big difference to my riding. You don't mention what experience you have but as its your first commute if it's ok, I will assume that you are relatively inexperienced. So my advice would be to get yourself a cheapishbike use it for a couple of months then go to your lbs and get the bike of your dreams, with 15k and no showers I would suggest a rackbag. I use wet wipes when I get to the office but I do have a well stocked toiletry bag. Your LBS will be able to advise you but I suspect it will really come down to personal preference. Good luck and happy biking
  • jeffladjefflad Posts: 315
    No showers is a real downer, as if you're anything like me I build a sweat up just pedalling to the end of the street!

    I know some on here just have a full, all over wasH in the toilets at work. it may be an idea to invest in quality wicking clothes and not your run of the mill stuff, especially a jacket that allows your body to breathe, having said that I do and I still sweat :(... as for the bike, some years ago I had an Escape, the XR2 flavour and really, really loved it. A friend had the Trek and they too loved their's till they recently sold it.

    Good luck when you start!
  • I can't comment on the bikes as I'm a noob

    However, I can contribute something of value. If you use Magnesium Oil (I use Ancient Minerals brand but there are others) as a spray under your arms it works as a brilliant deodorant. As a super concentrated solution of Magnesium Chloride it really prevents the bugs which cause body odour from growing at all.

    It also addresses magnesium deficiency which extremely common in the West. There's lots of info online about mag deficiency which I recommend everyone reads.

    However, for someone who is going to ride 9 miles then not have a shower I really recommend the oil as a deodorant, it is highly effective. You can in fact apply it all over your body, it won't stop you sweating but it will stop you stinking

    best wishes
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