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does road bike worth for the 12 / 25 miles commutes?

Tony Chopper-KunTony Chopper-Kun Posts: 58
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I usually had hybrid bike with suspension (probably quite stiff nowaday), with 42mm tyre semi-slick for paved road including (rough road, wet condition, debris, for safety reason).

I am planning whether switching to light weight road biking system affect commute time huge difference to time.

Usually for 25 miles commute by train/bus takes 1hr 25mins. I wonder if I cut down more weight helps a lot.

It is 14.7kg bike with 8 speed gearing, lightweight pannier rack, clipless MTB pedal.
The accessories are a d lock that hung behind, with 2 water bottles, mudguard, ergonomic grip, charge saddle, a saddlebag that weight a bit more.

I always bring heavy chain lock to defer thieve in high risk / or commuting to work. But I could leave it at work. The value price for this bike is higher than £330, and it is not worth ditching weak lock system, by having one lock only and cable which can be bolt chopped.

I either get budget road bike for £125 second handed or less, with mini d lock £25 with cables,
I may have concerned if road bike with skinny tyre has huge safety issue if there are heavy pannier hanging on them. I will tend to have light backpack including clothes and shoe, and cables.

Regarding to one d lock 1.35kg, it will make difference to saving much time on 12 / 25 miles commute?.

If I can get brand new road bike, it will be cyclocross, but I need good lock combination, that can be small portable chain lock and abus portable foldable lock. Since the bike weight is low, removing the front wheel and locking them together is easy. Should I put lock on the bike or decent backpack like Osprey. I planned not to use d lock unless it is mounted in better way


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,725
    A road bike would quicker but probably not as comfortable, depending on where you are commuting, it might be worth sticking with what you already have. If you can lock your bike at work then leave the lock at work, saves carrying the extra weight.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • the tyres may be cost quite a lot, I usually get continental-tyres to get more speed / smooth riding /

    one bottle for 25 miles maybe not enough, otherwise I get dehydrated and the performance isn't as on optimal as possible.

    the problem is that extra cost on accessories i got which are clipless pedal, , cheap fullsize mudguard, lightweight pannier rack, 3 bottle cages (£5 each), all these thing costs up to £63

    performance saddle £33 (for long distance comfort / hobby due to chaffing problem / sore)
    and ergonomic grip £15 to prevent nerve damage

    decent puncture resistant 42mm tyre £36 (it is not worth having thin tyre, since mudguard and suspension fork width) but the suspension fork is stiffer than usual with no maintenance .

    other attachments are for handlebar, pannier back lighting, front light, saddle bag, other £8 bags stuck on there forever.

    the bike weight spec is 14.7 kg with cable disc brake and 24 speed gearing. £220 total without tyre,handlebar grip, saddle, pedal, with acera components including shifters.

    the total cost without expensive tyres, handlebar grip and saddle is £283. with excess of £84 ,

    so it possible to have spare road bike for £100 with £15 clipless pedal, (not sure about mudguard but they are £20), and another mini d lock with lock £25, to keep weight low.
    would say £160 for a bike unless adding more money for 9 speed gear carrera vanquish as cheap as possible.

    The problem with road clipless pedal is that i need get another cycling £30-60, but it is MTB clipless pedal necessary than everything since i got a SPD tyre cycling shoe
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