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Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway 2017

spikeymikeygspikeymikeyg Posts: 2
edited October 2015 in Holidays
Looking for a little advice - has anyone out there cycled the PCH from Vancouver to San Francisco ?

We have a support vehicle - so don't need to carry much kit, if we don't need to carry much,
should we use MTB or Racer ?

We are all proficient on both - so it basically comes down to the quality of the roads - we are planning to use blacktop all the way and stick to the coast road......

Any Advice? - thanks in advance



  • Use a mountain bike of course. Racers as you put it are rubbish, so are road bikes for that matter.
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Road riding sucks but if you are riding on roads the road bikes are much better than mountain bikes.
    A road bike will be loads faster and less effort.
  • bobloboblo Posts: 360
    I've just come back from that very trip though on a tandem. Road bikes will be best. It's all paved and good quality tarmac.
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