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How to delete strava rides from feed on iPhone?

StinkinHippyStinkinHippy Posts: 160
edited September 2015 in The hub
Accidentally synced a ride where the tracker hadn't stopped before I drove home yesterday, so feel like a right censored for wiping out several people's KOM's. How do I delete it, the Google answers all seem to be for different versions with none of them helping.

So I beg, please help me restore people's former segment glory and get rid of my self stored evidence of the speed I do down local dual carriageways :)


  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,177
    Menu button at the top right. Delete Activity.
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  • For some reason that wasn't right for my version. A mix of stubbornness and persistence allowed me to figure it out. I had to go into the activity, click the edit ride title/description button and then delete it from there.

    All is returned to how it should be though, so I'm happy.
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