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Whyte T-129 S 29er vs Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29er

ElliotRElliotR Posts: 28
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Hi All,

I've literally just put down a 10% deposit (refundable) to get the Whyte but am having a little buyers remorse in that there may be better alternatives for a £2200 budget. I was originally looking at a Specialized Stumpy FSR Comp 29er but was advised that if my riding is mostly XC with a few trail centres in the year then id be better off with the Whyte...

I'm no expert but wondered what opinions were on specs and value for money with both:



  • Are you dead set on a 29er? I'd advise taking a look at the Whyte T130. I rode one last year and was very impressed and it certainly fits the remit of XC + trail centres.

    There are plenty of 2015 T130's around for plenty less than your budget with similar spec. Failing that the Stumpy also rides very nicely, but watch out for the low bottom bracket.
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  • I have seen the T130's on sale but I need an XL frame so the sales never seem to accommodate.

    The reason I opted for 29ers was due to me mainly riding XC so thought that was the right choice as I wont be riding technical routes that require a more nimble wheel all that often.
  • I had the same dilemma and just ordered the t-129 RS.

    Also off to the bike show in Birmingham on Sunday so hopefully they have a stand with the bike there!

    I was thinking about the spec enduro below:

    but need something that can go uphill too! :roll:
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    It can be hard work, but even I can get it up most hills, and I'm well on the wrong side of 50.
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