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Chain guide options

Escher303Escher303 Posts: 342
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I keep dumping my chain when in a small sprocket and the going gets rough. It's setup 1 x 10 with a 40T expander, XT clutch mech and 30t NW ring. I can't take any more links out of the chain, it is at it's max on the 40T.

What are my options? Seems a top mount (fitted in front mech braze on) isn't possible with 30T chainring, needs to be 32T minimum. I don't have any ISCG mounts.

Can I run a BB mounted chain guard on it's own without a bash guard? Something like this and do they work?

Any advice?



  • Have you got a clutch mech? What length cage on your mech?
    Something isn't set up right. I haven't dropped a chain in over a year.
  • Yes, XT clutch mech, long cage. If I shorten the chain I'll need to take more two links out, so I can connect again with a KMC link which will surely make it too short. Mech is already beyond 45 degrees from vertical, another two links will make the mech around 30 degrees from the chainstay. The mech is set up just with a longer B screw , no Radr cage or similar. Am I doing something wrong? Ta.
  • FishFishFishFish Posts: 2,152
    Maybe you are not doing anything wrong. I use the simpler Hope chain device:

    A bit over priced for what it is. You can get shims and stuff to make it fit your downtube but I just use a bit of inner tube. It is a right angle that stops the chain coming off the left and off the top and does not touch the chain. Of course you need an outboard bash guard to stop the chain exiting right. Works fine for me.
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  • Cheers, the chain ring is probably a little worn, I do up to 100 offroad miles a week so my bike gets a bit of a bashing. After hunting and hunting I've finally found a high mount chain guide that should fit my bike.

    As it has a press fit BB, no ISCG mounts and square profile seat tube and I have a 30T chainring (everything seems to be 30T plus) I was struggling to find anything that fits. It isn't cheap but if it keeps my chain on I'll be happy
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  • Ta but is for 32T+ chainrings. That was part of the problem with finding something, I need one to fit 30T and the above is the only one I've found.
  • Your chain could probably loose a link and a RAD cage would be much better than a long cage. If using a standard cage a medium or short would have been better.
  • raldatraldat Posts: 242
    Have you tried firming up the clutch mech? It is basically a friction band. Check out YouTube how to do it.
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