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Giant Handlebars too Skinny. Advice Required.

photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,203
edited September 2015 in Road buying advice
Hi. Being fairly new to road cycling and only having my first road bike since April this year I need some advice.

My bike is a Giant Defy 3. Love the bike but feel the bars are too skinny (26mm I believe). I've thought of double wrapping them but now I've bought a Garmin 500 and accessories off the classifieds here, I've found that the Barfly mount won't fit. I've currently got it fastened to the stem with the rubber bands though I really don't like it there.

I'm now looking at new bars, and consequently a new stem to fit. Having never bought road bars before I find it a bit of a minefield due to the drops flaring or not, and the different radius of the drops and other things. I quite like the width of the current bars - 420mm. These don't flare so the drops are 420mm too. Is a bit of flare a good thing? Does it make it more comfortable whilst on the drops? I like a quite relaxed riding position and only ride in local club Sunday outings or the odd solo extended sessions. Any advice in bars and stems greatly received. Budget a consideration and don't need carbon, so something cheap and reasonable would fit the bill.

Guidance most appreciated



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