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Which bike should I get out of these?

welshyootwelshyoot Posts: 4
edited September 2015 in MTB buying advice
I'm about to make the switch from road biking to mountain biking (or rather get a mountain bike so I can do both) and if I could get a bit of advice beforehand that'd be great. I hired a bike recently and went around the marin trail in North Wales and loved it - it's the sort of thing I'd be keen on doing regularly.

I will get it through the cycle to work scheme and I'm considering getting a bike for about £1000 although I'm not sure I'd need to spend that much. Firstly, is there a big difference between a cheaper bike for about 5 or 600 and a 1k bike?

I'm after a 29er as I'm fairly tall and have been told I can handle the bigger wheel size relatively easily.
I've had a look at a few bikes and wondered if anyone on here could recommend any or warn me against any that I should avoid - or anything I may have missed. I did want to include the boardman pro but it seems they don't make them bigger than 19" and I didn't think that would be big enough (it says up to 6'1 on the halfords site I'm 6'2).

Some of the others I've considered are:

The last one is slightly above the price I would want to pay - I'm including it to see if anyone recommends paying the extra compared with the bikes I've already listed or any others that might be worthwhile looking at?

All help is very much appreciated!


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