Not sure about these trispokes

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Bought some Specialized trispoke wheels from eBay, but upon receiving them they don't look all that great condition; maybe I'm just being over cautious but having never had new wheels to know what new rims look like, or wearing down the rim entirely, I'm not sure what I think of these.

Perfectly smooth rims, no groove at all. Also, is that a crack or just the joining of the rim (looks very straight for a crack...)


There's also this nice chip in the rim; will it likely cause any problems like punctures?


Finally, one side of the hub has a nice cap on, the other side just has this bare screw... I'm guessing this shouldn't be like it either?


I paid about the average price for this wheel with no mention of these. Have a bought a dog with flees here or should I be ok to put a few thousand miles on them still?


  • that's the join in the rim, normal.

    that chip looks pretty minor.

    the threaded side of the hub is for a fixed wheel sprocket - so you can use as a fixed wheel bike - totally normal (not that common, so take it as a free extra)
  • What do you expect... these have a thread for freewheel (and not for fixed track), which means they are 20-30 years old or so...
    There is a guy selling all sorts of trispokes on Ebay and the ones I have seen all had some sort of problem.

    My feeling is that you have bought a rat, but that doesn't mean you can't use them. If the rim has a joint, that should be pretty evident on both sides and in the middle
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