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How to handle mini jumps?

james22b2james22b2 Posts: 132
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Hi -
I am a beginner - on one of the courses I ride in my local park, there are a series of mini jumps and I am never sure quite how to handle them. Until recently I just put my weight forward, entered at about 25km/h and didn't pedal, which worked ok but wasn't too exciting. Recently I tried gently jumping them with some initial success, no doubt down to luck, which today ran out when I fell off and landed on my behind :-(
I guess the jumps are about a metre and a bit high, there are maybe five in a row spaced about three metres apart. They are quite gentle and are not shaped like drops.
How should I be tackling them as a beginner who wants to fly a little but not break bones!?
Thanks in advance..


  • Weight forward is the worst thing you can do. A neutral body position, weigh over the cranks and knees bent, elbows bent & out.
    First thing is to learn to bunny hop, thats basically what you do off the lip. To bunny hop you must NOT pull up, ompress the bike and then use the suspension rebound to get the bike up.
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