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Sore lower back when climbing

rideforthechildrideforthechild Posts: 2
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I have only recently started cycling and I'm at a point where my legs have got much stronger on the climbs and I'm climbing sat down.
However it's causing havoc with my lower back. Yesterday I did a couple of 10-15% climbs and my back was in agony after only one hour. It's definitely the sitting down climbing as I have been up these climbs many times before but stood up.

I'm praying that my back will get stronger and it's just because the muscles aren't strong enough. I have also considered bike position etc but I've had no problems in the last two months.



  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    What cadence are you maintaining ? Are you grinding up them ?
  • I have this problem too, although I wouldn't say mine causes 'agony', more just an annoying ache, and it eases when I get off the bike. I too have put it down to needing more strength in my lower back as I didn't have a problem last year, but feel I'm generally not as fit this year and it only happens when I get tired - eg. did 29miles in a touch under 2 hours last night and only had the back trouble on the last one of, I suppose, 4, tough climbs which was in the last two miles of my ride. I've also found this year that I've had the same problem when riding into the wind for long periods of time which has resulted in me turning lower gears than I normally would on the same route in more calm conditions.

    Like you, I hope it'll improve as I build my fitness back up but will eagerly watch for any other possible causes and advice for solutions!! Good luck!
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  • Your back is helping to hold your hips straight whilst you go uphill. Most times your legs and arms are strong enough to balance themselves out, full-on efforts on the flat or climbing will draw your back muscles into play.

    I got this a lot when I first started cycling and training for the Marmotte, now it never really happens (but I'm fitter).
  • Could be due to overstretching and / or poor cycle posture - you could look at getting a bike fit that may help.
  • Unless you have existing back trouble, you definitely shouldn't be getting significant pain. A bit of muscular aching is very different. Check your saddle height, and the rest of your setup. Cadence isn't a huge issue as long as you're pedalling at a speed you're comfortable with.
  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,220
    I had the same problem which was alleviated by regular stretches of my glute muscles.
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    Make sure you are not gripping the bars as this transfers forces into the lower back - climb with the lightest of touches on the bars - even with completely open fingers as a test just to be sure that you are not pulling.
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  • I had the same problem which was alleviated by regular stretches of my glute muscles.


    This sorted me out after I started suffering with lower back ache.
  • I found that really concentrating on engaging my core when climbing really helped and the aching went away almost straight away.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    You're not yet strong enough basically. It'll come with practice. Stretching helps, as would core strength exercises.
  • I can only agree with the above - I first got it when building up rides over say 50 miles, which took me into hillier territory. It was just a question of practice.
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