7 year old bike unisex

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I am looking for a unisex bike for my son, he wants thumb trigger gears, and finds these much easier than twisty gears. He'd also like a basket, a kick stand and dynamo lights if possible. He's seen the 'perfect' bike, but it's very obviously a 'girl's' bike, and while he can carry it off no bother aged 7, I am concerned he'll go through a self conscious stage, and don't want him to be put of cycling because people are stupid over gendered bikes.

Does anyone on here know of a not girly bike which would meet those criteria, please?

I am a clueless cyclist, and take my (cheap) bike to the shop whenever it gets anything wrong, I don't even fix a puncture, so suggesting I change the gear shifter is a bit of a no go, I'm afraid. I have lots of skills in other things, and am awesome in other areas, but I lack in this area!

Thank you very much.