5700 v 5701 Rear Mech

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Looking to change the rear mech after 10k miles, as the current Tiagra mech was second hand in the first instance.

Narrowed it down to either of the 2 mechs but is there any difference between the 2?


  • "I think the main difference between the 5700 and 5701 is that the 5700 will take a max sprocket of 28T regardless of cage, however the 5701 will take a 30T sprocket (short cage) or a 32T sprocket (medium cage, depending on chainset)."
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    or is it that the 5701 isn't compatible with 8/9/10 drive trains?

    Shimano 105 RD-5700 Rear Derailleur
    Short Cage
    Large 11 tooth pulleys increase service life and reduce noise
    Super light shift action
    Compatible with 8, 9, and 10-speed drivetrains
    Maximum low sprocket 30T
    Maximum front difference 16T, total capacity 34T
    Average weight 221 grams

    Shimano 105 5701 10 Speed Rear Mech
    10-speed 105 wide link rear derailleur.
    • Advanced Wide Link design increases rigidity and shifting performance
    • Super stiff for fast and accurate changes across the cassette
    • Large 11 tooth pulleys increase service life and reduce noise
    • Super light shift action
    • Compatible with: 10-speed drivetrains
    • Maximum low sprocket: 30T (short)/32T (med) with double chainset
    • Maximum front difference: 16T, total capacity 34T (short)/22T, total capacity 40T (med)
    • Weight: 221g (short), 232g (med)
  • Looking in Shimano's techdocs - there are the following variants - all tagged as "10 speed" in the title of the exploded view (EV) diagrams:

    RD-5700 (-L (black)/ -S (silver)) (SS/GS - Short/Long cage)
    RD-5700-A (-L (black)/ -S (silver)) (SS/GS - Short/Long cage)
    RD-5701 (-L (black)/ -S (silver)) (SS/GS - Short/Long cage)

    I'm 99.9% sure that all of the "10 speed" are usable with 8 or 9 speed drive trains though (as Wiggle have done)
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    After all that, remembered I had a serviceable old Dura Ace rear mech in the attic. The difference in weight between the Tiagra coming off and the DA is very noticeable. Just wish I'd had some a spare gear cable, as reusing the existing meant a 5mm tail exiting the rear mech...may have to put it on the to do list.