Dura Ace 7850 straight pull hub in new wheel

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Hi all, long time lurker/first time poster. Hoping someone can help me out...

I have acquired a pair of Dura-Ace 7850 Hubs in very good condition from a friend (free!) and would like to build these into some training wheels using Cole C24 Rims and DT Aero comp spokes.

The rear hub uses proprietary spokes with what Shimano call a 'hub nut' which the spoke threads into at the hub end. Is there any reason why I can't use a regular straight pull spoke in place of this? I see that one the DA 7900 straight pull hubs they no longer use the hub nut and have a regular spoke head.



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    First challenge is to find a straight-pull spoke of the right length - use spoke-calc to calculate the length and see if you can track some down. Last batch of straight-pull spokes I bought from Bike24.de as couldn't find a UK seller.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Thanks^

    I was already planning on using bike24 as was the only place I could find the spokes available individually. Done the calculations and they have the correct lengths available.

    Dt Swiss spoke calculator makes the measurements .4 and .6 over a standard spoke length. Is it safe to round these down (rather than up by 1.6mm and 1.4mm respectively) keeping in mind these will have a lot of tension in them?