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After a summer of searching, I've finally got myself a new bike!

Originally ordered a Canyon Ultimate CF, but after being messed about by them multiple times I cancelled the order. Found this on eBay fairly nearby. It was sold as 'virtually brand new', with just 2 miles use, which I quite believe as it still had the protective stickers on the wheels, groupset etc.

Over the moon with it :).

So far I've added some Ultegra pedals. Next I plan on getting a nice carbon seatpost, possibly this one if I can find a good deal. Then in the future perhaps 105 or Ultegra brakes, I'll see how the Axis 2.0's perform. Oh, and might get a Fabric water bottle.

Highlight for me is the Roval hoops - think they look bloody mint :D.

Size 56, weighs just under 8KG, more info here: http://tiny.cc/5tcc3x

Followed NapoleonD's guide for the photo - cheers!


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    Looks very smart!
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    Looks very smart!

    Cheers pal :).

    Managed to get out in it today for an hour. Wow, what a difference.

    Coming from a 2010 Defy 3.5 with Shimano 2300, this thing is just a completely new experience for me. Shifting is way crisper, and I'm finding 2 rings at the front much easier to manage then the triple on the Defy, in terms of good use of gears. Love the fact you can trim the front derailleur with 105.

    Wasn't really trying but pretty much PR'd most of the climbs during my ride - the bike just feels way more responsive. Out of the saddle the feeling is great.

    The wheels are brilliant. They hold speed very well, and I guess they are a big reason as to why the bike accelerates so well. Plus they sound awesome, even when braking they make a nice noise (no squeaking!).

    Think I need to adjust my seating position a bit to eek out some more comfort. Got an 80 mile ride on Sunday so that should highlight the comfort factors.

    Still very pleased :).
  • Really nice looking bike, love this full black.
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    That's a great bike and your photo does it justice.

    Enjoy in good health :D
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    Many thanks guys :).