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Bike Park Wales - Coaching Review?

odieboyodieboy Posts: 5
edited September 2015 in MTB general

Just wondering if anyone has done the Drops Coaching at BPW. After a nasty stack last year at FOD my bottle has disappeared for drops. Hoping that a bit of coaching will help get my technique and confidence back.

Has any one got experience of there courses, are they any good.

Cheers M


  • Not done one but seen several groups there being coached. The groups looked a bit big and they were using the busiest trails so kept moving to let riders past.
    I would go to FoD. Pro Ride guides do really good courses and use lots of features off the main trails so less interruptions. Nice small groups as well. Plus you can go back to where you crashed and do it right.
  • Cheers. I was seriously thinking of paying up for the coaching too and having one last hurrah on my bike before I sell it. Think i'll give the coaching at bpw at miss.

    Coed Y brenin has a pretty good skills area now. Not sure if they do coaching too.
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