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Preparing for punctures

rumbatazrumbataz Posts: 796
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I've never had a puncture in three years despite riding over broken glass, potholes, deep road expansion joints, small branches, stones, etc. Yes, I've been extremely lucky. The only thing I did was upgrade the stock tyres with Schwalbe Marathon Plus London Edition tyres. These dramatically improved the ride and are extremely tough and puncture-proof. I've never carried anything for punctures with me.

My new bike will have tyres that are a lot more susceptible to punctures (higher pressures, much thinner tread and sidewalls) so I guess I need to be prepared for the odd puncture. I already have Schwalbe tyre levers and the bike shop has provided a Flatboy Patch Kit (patch pre-glued discs). What's the best way to carry these items (including a small pump) on bike rides?


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