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Hi there,

After many years of not riding and being a competetive 100m sprinter, I've decided to return to competitive cycling; the ultimate aim is to return to racing. I've been using my brother's 53cm Boardman Comp Road bike (2013 apex build), which is (slightly) too big. I've been measured at a LBS and I require a 67cm saddle height and 55cm Top tube (with 110 stem). Standing at 172cm with a 71cm inseam, you can obviously see that I've got very very short legs for my height!

The boardman is actually perfect in terms of horizontal length, i feel comfortable with the the reach, however the high stack height means I can't get as low as I would like. Plus there is barely any seat tube showing (not that is matters!). I love the boardman and so plan on keeping this bike for training/turbo sessions, I'll change over to a larger drop stem.

Anyways onto the matter at hand. I've decided to build up my new racing bike. Given my body proportions I've gone for the more aggressive frames. Whilst recovering from ankle ligament surgery, I've decided on buying a Fuji Transonic. This leads to 2 questions:

1) I can't decide on a frame size, frame geometry is on the following link;
Given my short legs I'm thinking the 49cm frame, but given my longer torso and lbs measurements, I am also thinking of a 52 frame. Back in my teens (5 years ago to be exact) I had a 7cm saddle to handlebar drop (I don't remember the bike size) .

2) I am actually sourcing everything from my local Evan's cycle store. I love sram and will be special ordering the Force groupset 170cm, 52/38, 11-28. However SRAM don't do direct mount brakes! The store manager is letting me sell back the force brakes. I've heard that the shimano ultegra brakes are excellent, but i was wondering if they worked with SRAM levers? I've know Movistar are using the debranded Dura-ace direct mounts with the Campagnolo levers.

Thanks in advance!
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