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Araya bike?

Free5tyleFree5tyle Posts: 2
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Hello everybody! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about araya bikes, specifically the "araya criterium rex" model. I have tried doing searches on the internet but couldnt find anything specific to the quality and history of the catalogs online or anything! This is really bugging me because i love the bike and would love to know more about its quality, history (I really love learning the stories of old bikes!), etc. From what I have been able to gather, its from the same japanese araya company that is known for making wheels and that is year is around 1973. Anyone else own one of these babies or knows stuff about them?


  • xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
    Not a lot seems to be known about these bikes.
    Araya where mainly a wheel manufacturer, but it seems as if a limited amount of frames where made under the name. But it seems as if Araya made some frames for Nishiki but also a small amount.
    It sounds like these bikes may have been sold at only one or two specific shops in USA.
    I have seen stories that they made and used their own tubing and stickered bikes up using a sticker that resembled that of a reynolds 631 sticker.

    Honestly that is as much information as I can muster on these bikes, it seems like the records of them have disappeared into nothingness!
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