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Garmin Etrex

jj93jj93 Posts: 35
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I got a Garmin Etrex Venture HC from ebay. From what I've read it should do what I want, but I'm getting nowhere.

Here's what I want...

... as I live right on the edge of Langdon Hills, I want as detailed a map as I can get, showing all the paths around and through. Obviously, that's just for starters, and I'll want to add more areas in time. I know it's only a base model and has only 24mb of memory, so can hold only a limited number of maps.

I've downloaded the UK maps from Tastytoaser, unzipped them, and then nothing. I've got Mapsource, Sendmap20, and xps viewer installed, and can't make anything happen. Sendmap20 did open the large unzipped file, and left me with a few thousand numbered image files, which I can do nothing with. I did manage to create GMAPPSUPP but cant do anything with that either. I'm completely lost.

Is there a simple guide for dummies, or can someone tell me in simple terms how to do this?



  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    Download the "Basecamp Only" maps from Talkytoaster.. then run the "install.bat" file inside. Then run Garmin Basecamp - or the equivalent for Mac if you are on OSX..

    Then use the "Map Install" program to put the maps onto your GPS..

    Then enable the maps in the settings of your GPS..


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  • jj93jj93 Posts: 35
    Thanks bob. I've just got in so I'll try this tomorrow. Will this let me preview the maps on the PC before I choose what I want to put on the etrex? I only ask this as there are hundreds in the d/l I did, and they are all just numbered, not named.
  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    In the ZIP file, there will be a load of files.. One will be an "install" file.. Run it without Basecamp/Mapsource running and then start Basecemp/Mapsource. There should then be a drop down menu somewhere in Basecamp/Mapsource to select which map you want to show.. (You may need to enable the correct toolbar - right click on the top bar to select which ones you can see..)

    Boardman HT Team - Hardtail
    Rose Pro-SL 2000 - Roadie
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