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Suggestions for new heavy duty rear wheel

rwillettrwillett Posts: 6
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I've just come back from a week in Belgium/Holland and had the same problem as last year of broken rear spokes and a slightly buckled rear wheel. This time the spokes broke just as we cycled off the ferry in Dover this afternoon :D Last year the cobbles of Ypres did for me, so at least I managed the whole trip without an emergency visit to a bike shop which is an improvement.

However I'm tired of my rear wheel breaking spokes, and buckling and so am looking for suggestions for a heavy duty wheel wheel that will stand up to the rigours of London, i.e. kerb hopping and pot holes as well as the cobble stones of Belgium.

I'm so far behind the times on bikes that its untrue and am baffled by the sheer variety of stuff on offer.

My bike is a hybrid Ridgeback from about 15 years ago, though in that time I've replaced the front wheel, the back wheel (twice), the seat, the handlebars, the gear levers, the pedals, the brake levers, the cables, the seat post, the chain and the cassette. I think the handlebar stem is original though :) and the paintwork. The bike gets used a lot for commuting into London and I can't quite justify a new one (though I suspect I'm close to having a new one). It fits me so I'm happy. It has 700mm wheels and I run Schwalb Marathon Plus tyres (35mm?) to keep the punctures at bay. It has what I consider ordinary caliber brakes (i.e. not disc).

I've looked through this and other websites to get an idea of replacing my rear wheel with something thats stronger and will take my 15.5st weight and the bashing I give the bike in London and the continental cobbles. I've seen suggestions for various rims (Mavic) and different hubs such as LX and spokes but was struggling to find something recent and that all fitted together. e.g. would it be better to go to a wheel builder or buy the bits myself and get someone to assemble and fit them. Does the cassette on the read make a big difference?

I'm not overly bothered about looks, so something flash is of no appeal, I don't want anything that requires high maintenance, in fact I want a heavy duty wheel that just fits on the bike and I can forget about it. I realise the weight will be increased (or expect it to be), but since I weight 15.5st its unlikely to be a major issue for me.

My budget is up to £100 as I'm tired of stuff breaking.

I'm sure I've forgotten something important but any friendly advice such as local, non-chain shops in SE London who I'd be happy to buy from, and suggestions on rims/hubs/spokes or complete wheel builds would be very much welcomed.

Thanks for reading this far and apologies if I've missed something vital.



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