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SRAM omnium crankset / Mavic Ellipse

gmkleusergmkleuser Posts: 25
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I am sorry if this is subject has already been discussed but I did not come across it in the "Track" section of the forum.

For my wedding my buddies chipped in to get me a custom steel track frame made (exactly to my specs :D). It's a sweet piece and I am looking to invest in a nice build but my budget is not yet that of a lottery winner. I have worked as a messenger in Paris for four years, have done some velodrome racing and this will not be my first track bike but it will be my first build from A to Z as I usually buy semi-complete setups as gear breaks down during my job.

As I return to the US later this year I am looking to use this bike for training for road races next spring as I want to work on my cadence over the winter and I will not yet have the cash to invest in a proper road bike...the Cervelo S5 is going to have to wait for a few pay checks :(

Thus my questions:
1) Anyone have any experience with the SRAM Omnium with GXP bottom bracket? I have heard some good things but I have heard, from a few sources whose expertises I would question, that the standard GXP BB that comes with the cranks is low quality and the cranks poorly machined. (these were two hipster kids that are also incapable of riding with automatic pedals...). If the crankset itself is of good quality I am assuming the GXP BB can be upgraded if the quality of the stock model is not that great?

2) Mavic Ellipse? Anybody got an opinion? They are about in my price range and seem correct for use in training outside of the velodrome. Not to mention they are clincher track wheels and I don't want to be the dork who flats out on tubulars 30k from home (no I will not have a support car following on my training rides). If not the Ellipse, can anyone recommend good clincher track tyres for training?

Keeping in mind that I am American and will be in the US where, unfortunately, finding real track bike equipment is not the easiest of tasks (unless you want "fixie" stuff with multiple colour thank you).

Sorry for the long post. I have only been on this forum a short time and I have to say it has been a great find.

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  • That's the bike: Belleville Machine
    Handmade in Paris
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,964
    Nothing wrong with the standard GXP BB really and I've not heard any adverse comments on the Omnium chainset. The only downside to external BB track cranks at this time is the severely limited choice of alternatives. But if the BB shell is std 68mm BSA, then switching back to a square taper will be easy enough..
  • mamba80mamba80 Posts: 5,032
    i dont know bout the gpx but werent you going to get a set of cranks for a road bike when you get back to US of A ?
    Mavic Elipse track wheels are rubbish, might be fine for velodrome training only but they use an odd thread and the bearings dont last, also, any repairs have to go to a Mavic service centre, i got my money back on ours and bought some american classic 420 aero track, which are nice and light but expensive.
    If budget is tight then get some Mich pista wheels, just double check they can take a brake surface.
  • Thanks for the advice mamba80. I have had good experience with Mich wheels, they are heavy but solid. I didn't even think about the American classics, they seem like a good option they also look pretty cool.

    As for the road bike, I am just thinking ahead.

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