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Ramsbottom, Lancashire MTB Group Needs You!

RammyMTBRammyMTB Posts: 2
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Hi There,

I'm the admin for a friendly MTB group based in Rammy. I'm currently doing all I can to try and peak the interest of local female riders to try the group out as I would like to address the gender balance as this can only be a good thing.

We do already have quite a few active female riders with some ladies only rides currently starting up, however we also have some ladies happily joining the mixed rides. The ethos of the group is to be a lot more relaxed and non elitist with intention to just 'get out and ride'. We are sort of an antidote to some of the groups/clubs out there that take themselves far too seriously. If you enjoy just getting out for ride, having a laugh, meeting new friends and finishing off the ride with drink then this is the group for you!

If this sounds of interest please check us out at:

It's completely free to join for a month, after which it's £5 membership for the full year.

Thanks for looking
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