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New Brakes for my FeltF95

Apeman14Apeman14 Posts: 30
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Hi guys/gals,
I've been riding my Felt F95 for about 8 months now after getting bitten by the bike bug. I started off with the Felt as a first/beginners bike and have not been disappointed bearing in mind the price I paid. After riding for a while I've made a few changes - new saddle and a new set of wheels (the originals weren't the best apparently). I want to upgrade to a full carbon bike in due course (sooner rather than later) but am not in position financially (yet) to get a new ride. I do a fair bit of hill climbing due to the area I live in and would like better brakes to improve my ride.
I'm mindful of the balance of upgrading the current bike and saving to put towards a new one, but do feel that new brakes would make a real difference - it is sometimes squeaky bum time on the fast descents!
The thing is - I have no idea what would be good/compatible for the bike, noticeably improve the braking and be of (relative good value).
Or should I just forget it and keep saving?
Your advice and thoughts would be much appreciated.


  • What brakes do you have now?

    You might be able to just replace the pads to markedly improve performance.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,093

    swissstop pads can be a lot better than the generic ones supplied

    another thing is to check adjustment, pads should be a couple of mm away from the rim, too close/far and performance may not be as good

    on descents it helps to move your weight back when braking hard, you can put more force in without the rear lifting
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I would probably get some 105 5800 (not 5700 as they pivot differently) callipers and Swissstop green pads.

    Not that expensive but will be a massive improvement IME.
    Should be fine with whatever levers you have (I had 105 5700 levers when I did the same thing).

    Don't put off until upgrade. You should be looking to get at least 5800 groupset on your next bike, this may not have 5800 callipers though, so you will already have them ;-)

    You may also keep the Felt as a second bike, so will want it to have decent brakes all the more.
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,958
    I'm on my second Felt F85 (first was replaced under warranty). I use it as my training/commuting bike and for the cost it has been fantastic (although i wish i could get full mudguards on it).

    To keep the cost down Felt (as do most manufacturers) did use some cheaper 'own brand' components. The brakes are one of these. I immediately replaced them as i remembered what they had been like on my first F85. If you can't afford to upgrade the actual brake calliper then its definitely worth getting some swissstop pads as these alone will make a big difference.

    Also, as others have said, try to push yourself as far back on the saddle as you can when braking as this will help.
  • rs6mra1rs6mra1 Posts: 105
    I am just about to upgrade the brakes on my Z85 and after having looked into it I have decided to today order a set of 105 5800 callipers. They come with break pads but I am going to see how i get on with them before i consider swapping for the Swissstop green pads. This upgrade alone I am lead to believe would make a significant improvement and I did initially consider just upgrading the pads but ruled this out. The rest of my set up is 105 5700
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    What brakes do you have now?

    You might be able to just replace the pads to markedly improve performance.

    My son has a Felt F95. Brakes are unbranded OEM calipers, but they do have metal cartridge holders so it would be a simple job to change the brake blocks. KoolStop Salmon or SwissStop Blue BXP get good reviews.

    Mind you, the SwissStops are quite expensive (yes I know they come in sets of 4) so if you really want new Shimano calipers complete with decent inserts, bear that in mind.
  • I replaced the generic Tektro brakes in my Defy 3 for 105 5800 and the difference is huge, even with the pads included in the 5800.
    They work with Sora shifter and the installation is really simple.
  • Thanks people.
    Really appreciate the comments. New brakes or new blocks seem like they'll make a difference without costing too much and eating in to my "new bike" money!
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