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Routes in and around Marbella / Fuengirola / Mijas

Wondered if anyone has any experience riding around these parts?
I'm heading there for a family holiday but my bike is coming along with me and was hoping to get some decent rides in. The hillier the better.
Tried and test routes would be preferred and avoiding the main a roads if possible.

Any info anyone can supply on these areas for road cycling would be appreciated. If not it may be a solution that involves renting a car and heading to the Sierra Nevadas!

Garmin / strava links etc would be even better!!



  • I've been to Fuengirola quite a few times, although not with the bike. The road up to Mijas is a good climb that I've long wanted to attempt and I'm told you can continue beyond the town to the radio mast for some extra suffering. Similarly, the route from Marbella up to Ronda is worth a look. Those are both main roads used by buses and lorries but probably not busy by British standards out of season. There aren't many quiet back roads because of the difficulty of building them in hilly terrain.

    The local bus services are cheap and efficient so good for a recce if you aren't sure of the roads. Mijas and Ronda are both accessible by bus from Fuengirola, for example, and well worth a visit for the views and architecture.
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