Repair campag xennon or new group set?

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I have a 2008ish btwin sport 2 with campag xennon 10 speed and it has never been accurate, shifter broke, fussy about cables and now a destroyed rear mech! My old road bike was stolen and had a sora/2300 mix and worked far better than the campag, am I missing something with campag set ups? I mainly ride and maintain my MTBs and can fix virtually anything, recently doing a fulll 10 speed group set swap so I should know what I'm doing, but this xennon group set has been problematic, I already have a daytona rear shift lever due to the composite shift lever snapping so expect the front lever to snap eventually and then had the rear xennon mech refuse to shift at all before going into the rear wheel, I could do a full shimano claris/sora swap for about £80 quid or just keep repairing and replacing campag and worry that the shifting is still poor. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.


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    I have no personal experience, but from a lifetime of reading on here I get the impression that at the budget end of the market, Shimano stuff is perhaps more durable than Campag. My son has Sora on his bike and it seems pretty robust; not needed any attention at all in it's first year.
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    Weak point of the 2008 Xenon group are the Escape shifters.
    Otherwise it's pretty solid stuff.
    If you can find pre-2007 10 speed Ergopowers then it'll be fine.
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    Lower end groups from both Shimano and Campag are functionally good and robust. If the cables are sound and the gears are set up correctly the operation will be as good as the higher end kit. Campagnolo will have the relevant rear mech instruction manual online that may help. As for upgrades-Ive found the new Veloce levers paired with the correct mechs give perfect shifting.
    Caveat - I buy and ride cheap, however, I reserve the right to advise on expensive kit that I have never actually used and possibly never will