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Mavic's bearing or Fulcrum's bearing

DroubikeDroubike Posts: 9
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I am looking to buy Mavic ksyrium Pro Wheel or Fulcrum Racing zero Wheel. I am wondering what is the best Wheel in term of hub maintenance and bearing? I use my bike everyday on all conditions so I want a good Wheel with low maintenance.


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    They both suck for sourcing and price of spares, but given the choice I'd go with Fulcrums as I have more confidence in them. You're better off getting Pacenti's laced to DA9000 hubs if you want the best of everything.
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  • I don't know much about Parenti's Wheel. Are they making better Wheel than Mavic and Fulcrum? What is its main advantage?
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    I'm talking about going with a handbuilt option. Pacenti are the rim manufacturer, so if you opt for their SL25 rim then you can choose hubs that are bombproof and easy to service. This is where Shimano Dura Ace 9000 hubs come in. In terms of spokes and lacing, it's best to ask a wheelbuilder as they'll advise you depending on weight and type of riding. The main advantage of handbuilt wheels is that all parts can be replaced relatively easy for minimum cost (I've been waiting for a Fulcrum freehub for 5 months now and the last Mavic freehub I needed took 6 weeks to come in).

    Also, DA9000 hubs will last tens of thousands of miles if properly serviced, so when you wear out your rims you can just buy new ones instead of a whole new wheel.
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  • Thank for the info on Mavic and Fulcrum service. I did not know that They both suck for sourcing. I will take on consideration your advices. I will look to have DA9000 hub on my future wheels. For Parenti's rim, I am not sure if they are available at my bike shop. I know they build wheel but I don't know all components they have.
  • 5 months for a fulcrum freehub. Fulcrum and campagnolo use the same freehub bodies. The campagnolo code is fh-bu015 or fh-buu015 the first run on 12mm axle hubs and the latter 17mm axle hubs. I have stocked these for over a year now and the distributor has never been out for than a week or so. So all I can say grill you are trying to buy from the wrong place.

    Mavics hubs are quite reliable so are fulcrum or Campagnolo hubs. Spares are easy to come by for fulcrum or Campagnolo as they use the same hub spares. The advantage of get a set built is just like grill said everything is replaceable and can be repaired if it all goes wrong. There has been surge of rebuilds in the last few weeks because of dented or worn out rims. A dented or worn rim did not write of the wheels with a factory set it would. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Perhaps, but the Fulcrum rep told my LBS that there was a massive backlog for them. I could probably source them from somewhere else but it's not really worth my time as I have plenty of wheels to go around.
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