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How would u training?

jeffersonduangjeffersonduang Posts: 38
Hi, I'm Jefferson.

Recently I am searching for a way to train myself.

I have read some articles about cycling this days.

But I still curious about how would other people training themselves?

Are you a person training or training with others?

Do you have a coach to help you with your training?

Do you have a training plan?

For now, I was training alone.

I training myself because I want to join some amateur competition.

But I didn't have a training plan yet.

I haven't have any coach.

I just use my garmin and heart rate.

How about u ?


  • What kind of riding are you wanting to become good at?

    Myself personally, I enjoy long distance cross country style rides. During the past year I have spent about 3 or 4 days out of the week on average simply getting out on my bike. Starting off with hour long rides and over time building my speed/intensity over longer periods of time. Now I can comfortably ride for 4 hours (with the help of fueling propperly), with an average HR of around 150 bpm. That is a massive leap from where I was back in early 2014. I can now ride all day at a leisurely pace if I wanted to.

    I use a HR monitor now, but for the first year I didn't bother. My main reason for using a HR monitor was to make sure I was putting enough calories into my body for what I was burning on the bike. Fueling your body correctly both before/during and after your rides is important if performance matters to you. Also taking rest days off the bike help your muscles and cardiovascular system recover and get stronger for the next ride. My bike handling skills have also improved by a considerable margin, simple bunny hops, one hand, no hands, cornering speed, reading the trail ahead etc.. Have all improved due to spending time in the saddle.

    If you enjoy what you're doing just keep doing it as much as you can without getting obsessed with it. The more you ride, the better you become over time. Just remember to rest too. Always eat and drink plenty if you're working hard on the bike for more than an hour.

    All of my training has been done solo, as none of my cycling buddies want to ride as hard or as fast as I do. Riding in company I find is a hindrance more than a help. I'd like to ride with people who can match my pace or faster, but as of yet I don't know anyone like that.
  • broccobrocco Posts: 20
    I find the use of a heart monitor is a really useful training tool for gauging how personally strenuous each session is and also more importantly to plan recovery time.

    As long as there is some planned progression in your training - duration, distance, pace then hopefully you should be moving in the right direction. If you have a riding or training buddy it might encourage for both of you to push a little harder then you might individually do on your own ;)
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