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I need some advice in helping a friend whose thumbs have become arthritic.
She is experiencing great difficulty in using cable-driven brake lever gear changers.

I recently spotted a tri bike with Di2 button changers on the bar ends and this could be a solution for her.
I have been cycling a long, long time and know bikes pretty much inside out, but I am a complete novice on electronic shifting.

I am trying to get a shopping list together for the minimum amount of kit necessary to upgrade her bike to ES. She has the in-line touring brakes which work quite well for her so we will keep the existing braking system as it is (assuming we can).

This is what I think I will need:
1) Di2 Rear Mech
2) Di2 Front Mech
3) Di2 Tri bar end changers
4) Front junction box A (SM-EW90)
5) Mid Junction box B (SM-JC41)
5) External Battery (SM-BTR1)
6) The 6 signal cables that hook it all together

Does this make sense to any of you Di2 experts out there?
Any help or advice gratefully received.


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    The battery mount is a separate item to the battery, and is required.

    You only need 4 cables as Junction A has two wires permanently fixed. Normally these go to the STIs but in your example would go to the bar end switches.

    Shimano provide a sheath to house the single cable along the downtube from J A to J B and a smaller one to locate the J B to RD lead on the chainstay, but cable ties or neatly-cut electrical tape that matches the frame colour is a neater job and is easily replaceable.
  • does the battery come with the charge? if not you will need that.