Which bike for an assisted tour?

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So I'm off to Europe in 2 weeks to tackle 10 countries in 10 days (around 1000 miles in total) and I'm undecided as to which bike to take.

The ride is fully assisted so we won't need panniers etc.

The first few days will be nice and flat (we start up in Amsterdam) and we will gradually travel south towards Northern Italy and finally across the hills into Monaco.

I have my tough-as-nails Ridgeback Cerrium tourer and my dainty Cinelli Saetta Radical (full carbon).
The Ridgeback is geared for touring and spinning up the hills and the Cinelli has a fairly decent spread and I'm very comfortable climbing on it.

My concern is whether or not I'm gonna be comfortable on the Cinelli over that distance.

Oh - I'm gonna take on the Ventoux as well (after the tour) which is why I'm desperate to take the Cinelli.

And yes.. I can only take one bike :(

Any thoughts?


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    This weekend ride the Cinelli on a lumpy 100 mile route. If it's comfortable and the gearing feels OK nearing the end of the ride take it. If you have back/arse ache and find the final few hills a struggle take the tourer (providing that you would be comfortable on this over 100 miles).