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Boardman BB Issues?

EasyPeezEasyPeez Posts: 25
edited September 2015 in Road buying advice

I'm seriously tempted to bag one of the CX Team bikes as a winter hacker - seems a bargain at just over £500. I know there has been a lot of issues with dodgy BBs though - is this a thing of the past or is it still affecting 2015 models?

Also, can anyone who rides one advise on whether the bike will take decent (i.e not flappy, tyre rubbing) mudguards if using 35mm or 28mm tyres?

Cheers, Steve


  • Many years ago now some bb30 bearings left factory inadequately greased. No longer a problem.
  • Over in Commuting Chat there's a Boardman CX owners thread. Worth knowing about in general but you could ask about this issue specifically. I'd be stunned if the issue was still there. That said, it was a 15-minute fix.

    ETA - I see you've posted on there
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  • earthearth Posts: 934
    It was still an issue with my 2014 one along with many other problems. It has been the least reliable bike I have ever bought and I would not buy another. I think I would avoid Boardman all together now.
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