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£1000 HT 29er - C2W / 2nd Hand / Spend more?

utherdoulutherdoul Posts: 24
edited September 2015 in MTB buying advice
I fancy a new bike and like the idea of a 29er (Im 6ft 2in so no issues with the big wheels), don't really want to spend >£1500 on a MTB (it only really gets used in winter) and probably won't get a decent FS bike for this price which I am ok with. I want a Shimano Groupset (after having had the SRAM Avid gear shifters fail on my current MTB). I enjoy my biking, but I'm certainly no expert, just looking at something I can progress on.

I am currently riding a Boardman HT 2010 which I bought in the Halfords C2W Voucher scheme which has completed I can take up another option on the scheme if I want too. I mainly ride trails - Cannock / Penmachno / Coed-Y-Brenin...

Current thoughts:
1) £1000 Boardman 29 Pro through C2W:
2) ~£600ish Boardman 29 Pro 2nd hand (loads on eBay hardly used, just have to wait for one to come up)
3) Other £1,000 C2W bike (Bird / Trek / Specialised / Planet X) - I'm Brum based but will travel locally
4) Final option. Spend £1500ish on a Canyon (which are my other rides). Is there really anything much more to be gained by spending the extra £500. Obviously better forks / weight (maybe carbon) but don't know if I will really see the benefits...

Lots of options! Just looking at getting some thoughts from the BR team!


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