Just bought a GoPro here's a wee video

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Bought a GoPro a couple of weeks ago and took it to Glentress yesterday to have a bit of fun.

Any thoughts will be appreciated :)

ps I only started riding again in March so don't be too harsh ;)





  • JBA
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    Great camera angle but I think the video is a bit too long. Anything over 3:00 - 3:30 minutes gets a bit tedious, but that's only my opinion.

    Did you use the app to get the angle right or was it luck? :)
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  • WindyG
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    First min was boring and pointless.
    I like the camera angle.
    The music love it or hate it, was too overpowering and i just turned the volume down.
    For a first go though it was fine but just needed to be an edit of more interesting riding.
  • mikee66
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    Thanks guys,

    I used the app to ensure the angle was just right.

    I'll look at shorter edits for the future :)