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Scott Foil 2016 or Pinarello F8 2016 ?

AlzokAlzok Posts: 4
edited August 2015 in Road buying advice
Following a fall with my Pinarello Dogma with my 65.1 I need to change my framework.

I had a long hesitation, and my choice stops between these two frameworks:

Scott Foil, 2016 (the high-end framework)

Pinarello F8, 2016 (the look and the basic framework change compared to 2015 )


Prices are similar to the frame (4000e), but with different advantages. Having not been able to test these bikes I really do not know how to choose.

So I need your help, you have a preference for one or the other? Or even another bike (aero 2016)?
If someone has the F8 (even in 2015) I would also be interested by returns.

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