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Bigger travel bigger wheels?

lm_treklm_trek Posts: 1,470
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Currently have the 2 bikes, been planning for a while to go to 1, due to space constraints and the fact I have 2 roadies as well.

The 2 bikes I have at the moment, 29er HT 100mm travel for quick blasts down the canals and local routes, and a Camber Expert (26er) 120mm travel great bike.

Now I've always struggled with bike sizes as I'm on the edge of small and med, some small are too small and some med are too big. I've got my eye on 2 bikes a Stumpjumper comp 650b 150mm travel and the Canyon Spectral at 140mm, I know the canyon will fit at a small as my HT is a small and my OH has a XS in a nerve.

Travel wise will I feel the difference? I guess the front end will be higher, and as a single bike as the other 2 have to go is ethier one a good replacement for the 2? any thoughts on the bikes?


  • John WhJohn Wh Posts: 239
    More travel doesn't always mean more height, it all depends on the geometry.

    I know from personal experience that the Stumpjumper has quite a low bottom bracket and you don't feel perched on top if you know what I mean.

    Can't really comment on the Spectral as I've never sat on a Canyon. Size wise, I'm 6ft 2 and I went for a large Stumpjumper. I find it pretty spot on for me (I haven't got long legs, just long body). I could do with a touch shorter stem though.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    You won't notice 10mm difference in travel between any two bikes. Geometry makes a far greater difference. Suspension dynamics also makes more difference, the specialized's rear suspension is more progressive so will be less likely to bottom than the more linear rear suspension of the Canyon.
    Personally I would go for the Stumpjumper 29 rather than the 650b having ridden both. It just felt a lot nicer to me and I don't usually go for 29ers
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