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Canyon Ultimate Aluminium vs Carbon

oliwadeoliwade Posts: 17
edited September 2015 in Road buying advice
Good evening guys!

I recently started cycling competitively, but currently only have a Specialized Allez (bottom of the line) that is.. a little beat up from a few years of bad maintenance and commuting on it every day.

I am looking to purchase a new bike for training and racing (that will be maintained correctly!). I will be mainly taking part in criteriums and the odd road race, maybe a couple of hill climbs also thrown in there.

I was initially sold on the Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 - a great frame, wheels and groupset for a great price. Where I live this bike would set me back £1200, however I then began to consider the Ultimate CF SL 9.0 which has as far as I can tell, the same specification, however it is Carbon. This bike is around £450 more. It has a 200g weight saving over the aluminium version, otherwise I can't see much of a benefit.

Would you recommend purchasing the Carbon version for £450 more if I am primarily competing in criterium races?



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