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Newbie returning

Dwabo81Dwabo81 Posts: 8
edited August 2015 in MTB buying advice
After a long break from MTB'ing I have returned..and I'm after some advice please..

I've been looking for some weeks now for a reliable and functional bike that will see me well for light / trail use to take the nipper out to burn some energy off..

I've pretty much narrowed my search down to a Saracen TuffTrax (disc) 27.5.. now the bad thing is I've not tried it..
but, from all the ones I've looked at I need an 18" frame, or M frame?...does the Saracen equate to the same sizing?.. (5Ft7 29" inside leg)

I've also hot listed the RockRider500 on offer for £239..but slightly put off by a few negative reviews..

I did look at the Whistle Huron 1484D in GoOutdoors... but the customer service was shocking and they wouldn't price match against another the bike had just gone out of stock I was comparing it to!!

I've been unable to find many user reviews of the TuffTrax (2015) if anyone can point me the right direction.. cheers


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