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Best bikes for a beginner

APJohnson1988APJohnson1988 Posts: 3
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Hi all,

I am completely new to the world of MTB riding although it is something which I have been extremely interested in for quite large period of time, but for a number of reasons though I have never taken the plunge and bought a bike. I live approx. 2 miles from Marquis Drive in Cannock Chase so this is where I see riders on a daily basis whilst walking my dogs and where I will do the vast majority of my riding. I am cancelling my membership at my local gym and buying myself a bike due to the gym being as exciting as watching paint dry, so I will be doing this as a job is, but I also as a source of fitness.

Anyway back to the point in hand, the exciting part. I have a budget of no more than £500-600, ideally wanting to spend less if possible. When I was looking into starting a few years back (2010-11) there were a range of bikes which seemed well spec'd for my price range (Rockrider 8.1, Boardman Comp, Carrera Fury, Voodoo Hoodoo etc) with some of these still being around with newer models and in the RR 8.1's case a new name (RR 560).

I have seen that this bike is on sale atm for £400 which when looking over other post's holds a high opinion amongst a lot of members, especially for price. Online this bike is sold out, although I would check in my local store to see if the stock this in my size.

My other choice(s) are either the Calibre Two.Two or Calibre Point.50 which are both on sale at the moment for sub £400. Looking over the specs it seems that the Point.50 has the same forks as the RR 560 but with 120mm travel compared to 100mm on the RR, although I am not entirely sure on this. Regarding gears etc I wouldn't know where to start so opinions are always good.

Here are the links to the bikes: - Calibre Point.50 - Calibre Two.Two - Rockrider 560 - VooDoo HooDoo



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