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Campagnolo 10sp shifters - worn ratchet - where to source?

NameTakenNameTaken Posts: 45
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I did try searching....

I've got a campag 10sp centaur shifter which seems to have a worn ratchet so that it drops down to 1st. This seems to be a fairly common problem. Its a plastic cog so...

Looking at the campag parts it looks like the part in question is EC-RE061. So far so good. But when I try searching for one of these I'm having trouble. I can see one for sale at $50 which seems a bit excessive when I can get a pair of new veloce from Ribble for £60ish.

So couple of questions -

Is there a metal alternative?

Can I buy a replacement anywhere for a sensible price?

Many thanks


  • mrdsgsmrdsgs Posts: 336
    graham at velotech
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  • mattsccmmattsccm Posts: 401
    Pretty sure that this part is the same as Veloce. If that's the case you don't buy a ratchet, you have to buy the whole lump. Hence the price. The days when you could rebuild Campag are gone, at least at the lower end.
    I would live to be proved wrong as I have a pair of Ergos with the same problem as you.
    There are some very cheap, low spec Ergos out there ( can't remember the model) that come up 2 and hand cheap enoughbto break and it looks like these could be utilised.
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