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Paralympic use for your spare kit

hyperactivechrishyperactivechris Posts: 3
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I'm looking for cycle clothing donations for a worthy cause - I'm not normally one for making blind requests for good causes, but this is for a 2016 Paralympic cyclist with no funding from his home nation and no hope of getting any either, since he's from Ghana.

The guy is impressive not because of his sporting success, although he's a pretty tidy rider, but because every bit of income or fame he gets he focusses on youth projects in and around his home region in Ghana. Think Didier Drogba but on a smaller scale, but with the same
bold intentions and sense of generosity.

Anyway, basically, the guy needs cycle kit. I was asked if I had spare/old kit but personally I'd be embarrassed to expect anyone to wear my old gear, so I've sorted some new stuff for him. Can you manage the same? Unwanted gifts? spare kit that's hardly/never worn, or just buy a second set of shorts if you see them on sale and donate...whatever you can do. He's training daily in 30+ degree heat, and if you've ridden in those conditions regularly like I used to as a cycle expedition guide, you'll know your kit gets hammered really fast.

The address to send to is:
Alexandra Main
c/o Ride Republic
709 Fulham Road

He's quite a slight guy, so size small kit is what he needs, plus helmets, gloves, gilets or waterproofs for riding through the rainy season...anything that doesn't fit Alem himself will be donated to the people he trains with in Ghana, so it'll all be very gratefully and usefully received.

If you want to know more about the man and his foundation, as well as
his sporting goals, here's the websites to check out:
And fundraising is:

Thank you
Chris Ford
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