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Angry Asian article about bell use

coinneachcoinneach Posts: 78
I'd be interested to know what other readers made of this piece.....

His experience is very different from mine, it's not uncommon for bell use to cause walkers to jump INTO my path.

I found myself smiling at the comments:

“Some of them will call out, ‘on your left’, or ‘on your right’, but very few of them actually have a bell, a horn, or whatever. They appear to be annoyed that you’re on a multi-use path – like ‘what are you doing here?!’”

“I’m happy to move my dog over but if only if I know you’re coming. Guess what – I’m not looking behind me; I’m looking in front of me.”

Maybe he could get these two friends to talk to each other, and see how compatible their comments are?
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  • A bell to my ears always sounds rather aggressive, much like a car (or bike horn) so does rushing up behind and shouting "on your left!"

    But funnily enough you don't need to do either, a morning/afternoon/good day/lovely weather for it" or so on, at appropriate speed and distance, works well.

    most of my commute is on shared paths, I manage not to rush/make people jump.
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