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Commuter project for a newbie

On-One DanOn-One Dan Posts: 3
edited August 2015 in Commuting general
Hi guys,

So i was given a bike. On-One Inbred. Im looking at swapping bits and bobs to make a commuter. My commute is about 6k and flat. I have no need for all them pesky gears. Its currently fitted with a Shimano Hollowtech I BB Deore LX crankset and a Deore 9 speed rear. I have a few questions.

Can I just swap out to a Hollowtech II?
What will I need for a single speed conversion?
Whats a good gear ratio?
How do I get the blinking BB off hehe.
What can I swap out to reduce overall weight of the bike?

Thanks in advance.


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