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Built my first road bike LOOK 595

nicubenicube Posts: 175
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I'd ran a Cube Peloton for a year as my commute and following a fitting for my LOOK 675 & 795 by Epic cycles it became quite evident that the Cube was too small.

I'd been gradually upgrading the Cube, fitted a full Shimano 105 groupset and upgraded the wheels to Mavic Aksiums.

So I happened upon a brand new large LOOK 595 frame on EBay, obviously a few years old but never used or cut to size so a deal was struck and I took delivery. Over a weekend I stripped the Cube down and fitted the parts to the 595 frame, cutting the seat post to size was a little nerving, measured 12 times and cut once! Used a brand new fine tooth hacksaw blade and thankfully made a nice job of it.

I've since fitted a Fizik Ardea in matching Black Red and White and a set of Easton Aero bars.

I use it daily and have turned a couple of hundred miles now and I'm really chuffed with how it's turned out, a very comfy ride, handles nice and is so light too, lighter than the 675.

Thought I'd share some photos 8)

LOOK 795 Aerolight Dura ace Di2
LOOK 675 Dura ace mechanical
LOOK 595 105
Cinelli Zydeco


  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    Very nice, very nice indeed.
  • Philly8mtPhilly8mt Posts: 552
    That's really rather nice .... Enjoy!
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  • the_fugglerthe_fuggler Posts: 1,228
    Great stuff - very nice!
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  • bianchimoonbianchimoon Posts: 3,942
    Nice build sir, hats off
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  • That's very pretty. Like!
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,992
    Aah. The one frame I've always coveted but never owned. As the kids say, well jel. :)
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  • That looks great. Lovely bike.
  • nicubenicube Posts: 175
    Crikey, some very nice comments, thanks guys :D
    LOOK 795 Aerolight Dura ace Di2
    LOOK 675 Dura ace mechanical
    LOOK 595 105
    Cinelli Zydeco
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 11,177
    That really does it for me, nice bike. Really like those frames.

    Spent the last half hour looking for one on eBay off the back of this - none in my size :( (not that I can afford it!)
  • I love mine and will never sell it. I don't really lust after any other bike because I know no other bike will fit me as well, be as comfortable, handle as well nor be as quick. Rare as well. Enjoy it.
  • I think I actually passed on an opportunity to buy the very frame on this thread on eBay. My intention was to remove the paint and get a Mondrian scheme from Atlantic Boulevard. Asked the seller a question (can't remember what) 1 or 2 days before auction end, but they didn't reply. I watched the final seconds tick away without any bids and could have bid the starting price of £695. In the end no-one bid. Contacted the seller again after the end of the auction, and still no reply, so walked away.

    Actually glad it panned out that way, as the whole project conception fell into the "irrational want" not "rational need" category.
  • nicubenicube Posts: 175
    You could be right there Captain Fagor! I sent him a message when he relisted it and struck a deal as I'd just missed out on another LOOK frame all be it not a 595 and I have a real passion for the brand, I was really pleased with this build and in hindsight it's probably too good to use as a commuter, especially when winter arrives, will just have to keep it really clean :)
    LOOK 795 Aerolight Dura ace Di2
    LOOK 675 Dura ace mechanical
    LOOK 595 105
    Cinelli Zydeco
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