Fulcrum Racing 7 Rear Hub Bearings

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I'm replacing the hub bearings on my 2 year old Fulcrum Racing 7 wheel set. The front hub bearings were easy to replace and were the 6001 size as in the manual and mentioned on numerous other web sites.
However, after removing the axle complete with free hub on the rear wheels, the hub bearings are larger than the 6001 mentioned in the fulcrum manual and various other sites. They are still in the hub as the bearing puller I used to remove the front bearings is too small.
The external diameter is 29-30mm and the internal diameter is about 17 mm.

Not sure why the Fulcrum manuals say that the hub bearings are the same as the front wheel when they plainly are not. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Will have order a different sized bearing puller and bearing press once I know the proper size.


  • lpretro1
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    You shouldn't need a dedicated puller for wheel bearings. You should be able to knock them out with a punch or similar if you are careful. Once out you can measure the size if it is not stamped on the bearing itself.
  • dgunthor
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    should be able to fit using a plastic faced hammer (gently tapping). can also use appropriate sized socket to tap against the bearing for an even pressure

    2 x wingnuts, some washers and threaded bar make a cheap and effective bearing press too
  • cyclingvet
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    I got the bearings out. They are marked 6903 2RS , which is different from what is mentioned by other people selling bearings for the Racing 7 and on various other web sites. It appears that they changed the size in 2014. I must have had one of the first.
  • dgunthor
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    had the same with a friends wheels - docs said one thing, reality was different.

    best to take them out and read the code (not easy!) IMO before ordering replacements