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Please help choosing among two bikes - Price considerations

ZadokZadok Posts: 17
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Okay, so I set out to buy a new road bike with roughly a $1K budget. Tested several, now am ready to buy. Help appreciated! Here goes...

1. 2013 Specialized Allez Sport: $650. I don't know why these guys have this, but it's the best deal I've seen anywhere.

2. Trek Domane 2.0. 2014 version in bike shop #1 for $1,075; 2015 version in shop #2 for $1,150.

I road both a lot. The Trek, IMO, shifts much more smoothly, and handles the crummy pavement up here a little better. Also has 10 speed cassette, and the 2014 has a 30 low gear, while the 2015 has 32. Better for the crazy micro-mountains we have in NH.

BUT I'm having a bit of a time justifying $500 for the upgrade. The Allez really handles my budget nicely. (I know some of you guys have big $$ carbon bikes and stuff, but please go ahead and comment anyway)



  • If you buy the Allez, you'll regret not buying the Domane. Worry less about the budget and more about what you'll enjoy, the money will be forgotten shortly after buying, but the niggling of not getting what you really wanted will last forever.
  • ZadokZadok Posts: 17
    I noted it's interesting that the Allez Sport gets the "super best <$1K bike award" from several reviewers. I don't know if they're Specialized fans or what. One said the Domane was a "higher profile" bike. I have no idea what that's about, as the Domane seemed faster to me; I could stay in top gears longer going up grade, etc.
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    You've ridden the Trek and like it so go for it. As commented above, if you buy the Allez, you will always subconsciously be comparing it with the Trek and end up dissatisfied.

    IMHO Bike Shop #1 is chancing it's arm offering only a $75 discount for a 2014 model versus the price of the 2015 model offered by Shop#2

    If it were me I'd be arguing for a significant discount on the 2014 model - up to 30% or more is common here in the UK for "last year's model". Bare in mind also that the 2016 models will be available in a few weeks time so even 2015 bikes are being discounted to shift stock ahead of the new model launch..

    If Shop#1 won't budge on price then go for the 2015 model at shop #2 and haggle for a greater discount.
  • mamil314mamil314 Posts: 1,103
    'you will always subconsciously be comparing it with the Trek and end up dissatisfied.'

    Or, you wouldn't have, but, now that you've read this, you definitely will ^ ^
  • HindmostHindmost Posts: 57
    I have a 2014 Allez Sport and I love it. I've used it for time trials, audax's, racing, commuting - everything really. It's robust, comfortable and handles well. The stock wheels are nothing special so with the money you save you might want to upgrade these.
  • ZadokZadok Posts: 17
    Yes, the $500 upgrade in price is the pain point. I have to convince my wife as well! I did think the Trek handled rough pavement ever so slightly better, but not sure if $500 better. Am somewhat concerned about the 27 low gear compared with the 32 on the Trek, as there are some decent hills around here, but I've addressed that issue in another post. And lastly, it's the getting back into biking sans injuries I'm watching. I run now... mainly, and doing a 10 mile run is no issue for me, but biking is a different w/o altogether!
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,744
    The trek has the better gearing and will always be more comfortable due to the rear isospeed decoupler thing. I wish I had got one when I was looking, next time around hopefully.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    If you think that the Trek was smoother over the rougher roads and has the 10sp 12-30T/11-32T lower gearing that you need, then the $500 extra will fade into the back ground the more riding you do. The Trek also has tubeless tire compatible rims, you also said that the Tiagra components were smoother shifting than the sora on the Allez.
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