Athena Derailleur Compatibility

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Having just had the misfortune to snap my Athena rear Derailleur I need to source a replacement. Its the Ultratroque 11 speed version. Does anyone know whether or not there are any differences between the new Athena "powertorque" rear derailleurs and the old Ultratorque ones. Cant seem to find anything concrete on the Campag site.



  • keezx
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    The older 11 speed derailleurs are supposed to be not compatible with the newest ones.
    I bet it will work with some kind of small modification though...
    Power/Ultratorque has nothing to do with it, those are bottombracket constructions.
  • Ber Nard
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    As far as I know, it's only Chorus upwards that have undergone a redesign. As far as the shifting goes, Athena has always been the same.