SPD-SL pedals uneven wear

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Hello, I have been riding my road bike for about 10k km on those pedals (shimano ultegra spd-sl) and it just so happened that the left one is now worn much more than the right one (check out photos). You should look at the spring/cramp/lock (whatever the right word is:) ) part of the pedal, that black thing which doesn’t let the cleats pop out. My left pedal almost can’t hold the cleat in now when pedaling, had to tighen it close to the max limit. It still holds but I don’t think it will last long. The right one, on the other hand, still does it perfectly and is almost not worn at all, after even that distance (there is no play/looseness, never tightened it yet).

Any advice would be nice! Such wear on the left pedal – did I gauged it right that the end is nigh for it? How much more can it last possibly? Is it real to by one separate pedal (not necessarily ultegra)? Thanks!


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    Seems you move you left foot sideways a lot more than the right.
    I would try the blue cleats (less play)
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    New pedal(s) time.
  • ok thanks maybe I will try to pull out the 'binding pin' and change bindings places in order to use that unworn part from the right pedal
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    When you stop at a junction, which foot do you unclip normally. I always unclip my left foot in a normal stop, thus I would not be surprised if I wore the left pedal retaining mechanism out before the right.
  • Left foot, but the question is not why this happens, but how to make use of the right unworn pedal. I don't want to buy a new pair and just throw the perfectly working part away )
  • http://www.sjscycles.co.uk/shimano-ultegra-pd-6620-binding-42u-0230-prod23176/

    Im guessing as to which pedals you actually have. But the shop do have bindings for other pedals.
  • shimano ultegra PD-6700
    PS buying those bindings would be very nice, but I can't find them in major shops like chainreactioncycles/wiggle, maybe you could recommend any shops with such spares that also deliver into Russia?
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    I also unclip on the left.

    The cleat it's self suffers more ware due to it being the one I put down onto the road when I stop. So the interaction between the worn cleat and the pedal and the additional play that comes from the left cleat being worn could also be causing some additional ware on the pedal.

    Perhaps periodically rotating the cleats themselves (switch them left to right and right to left) would make the pedal ware more even?
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