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Need advice after crash. Driver admits fault.

lammymikelammymike Posts: 51
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Hi. I got taken out by a woman throwing open her door. I was well out but it was a sports car and door was so bloody long. Totaled my lightweight wheels and more minor damage. Driver admits blame but what do I do now. Do I contact her insurance or do I have to go the lawyer route which I don't want to. Any help appreciated.


  • bob6397bob6397 Posts: 218
    Get everything in writing (Time, Date, Location, Admittance of guilt) absolutely ASAP. And pictures of the bike.

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  • I'd recommend contacting a personal injury firm
    They're going to be much much better at dealing with this than you would be on your own
    Unless of course you're simply looking for some replacement wheels, in which case you could do so by contacting the driver?
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  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    My guess is that she admitted blame verbally but would be unlikely to put that in writing and unless she insists to her insurance they will try and talk her around and suggest that you were cycling too close to parked cars. If that is the case then lots of photos taken while the car was parked there, indicating where in the road you were riding etc would be your best help. And you may need a lawyer to argue with the insurance company and be taken seriously.

    Hopefully it wont be like that and everyone will play nice, but that would not be my assumption...

    I would maybe do a quick list of what is needed with prices and whizz it off to her to see if she wants to send you a cheque without involving insurance but dont wait if she drags her heels or messes you around, go to the insurance in that case. You never know though - she might prefer just to sort it out quickly and easily if its affordable for her. Just be sure that there is no personal injury if that is the case as settling direct and later finding injury and trying to involve the insurance could make it messy.

    If you are in British Cycling or CTC then speak to their lawyers - this is the main reason why I am a member (other than the discount in bike shops and halfords).
  • Thanks for the advice.

    She was charged by the police due to admitting it was her fault, although it was a benefit to have a witness.
    I contacted her insurance and the claim is ongoing. It looks as though the injury side may progress quicker than the damages side due to the value of the parts involved.
    Still trying not to go down the lawyer route as I just want to get it over and done. I will let you know how it works out. Cheers.
  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,824
    Join British Cycling *before* the accident then use their support. I joined them for exactly this reason 3 years ago.
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  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    Ah - OK, if she was charged by the police and the took a statement where she admitted her fault then thats really helpful - the only dispute with insurance company should be over the value of the claim then. Damages should be straightforward - get a bike shop to look and write up an insurance estimate for repair/replacement and send that on to the insurance. They may want their own appointed shop to do the assesment but you dont have to accept what they say if you dont agree.
  • I have been a member for years. I will contact them if it starts to drag on.

    They helped me a long time ago with a much worse situation.

    You are spot on. Best thing you can do is to join. Cheers
  • Thanks apreading. Going to drop my wheels and saddle off tomorrow. I am sure the insurance company will get a shock when the valuation comes in, but they have actually been decent so far. Even asked if helmet hit the ground as they say that they are obliged to replace even with minimal damage.
  • Post by lammymike » 13 Sep 2015 06:57
    I promise to never be back. Thanks to the couple of normal posters on here..

    That sir, was a terrible flounce.
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  • Just replying. I will not start or contribute to any threads other than this. You have my word.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Fantastic bar tape. Is it slippy ?
  • No.
  • It took quite a while but the compensation is due. The company paid for my helmet, jersey, saddle and wheels for as new. Which is all I was looking for. I was also compensated for the ribs I broke.
    Thanks for all the help.
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