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De Marchi Kit

cc78cc78 Posts: 599
edited August 2015 in Road buying advice
I wonder if anyone has experience of De Marchi sizing...

The size chart on the website seems to say their jerseys run slightly bigger than standard Euro sizing, is that right?

And how are their bib shorts? I'm tall and skinny; the size chart indicates from height I should be XXL but I fear they might be a bit baggy around the waist.

Thanks in advance (I would email and ask them directly but there is a helpful message on their website to say they are all on holiday until the 20th)


  • I tried a couple of their jerseys recently, but not bibs.

    I'm 185cm and 68kg, so tall and skinny but even an S was too big which was surprising given it's Italian kit. The Corsa jersey had a relaxed fit and was too loose, the Leggera was a tighter fit but it still didn't feel quite right.
  • cc78cc78 Posts: 599
    thanks for the input

    might be a case of buying a couple of sizes and sending back the ones that don't fit
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    I had their bibs once - never again. Lycra (in comparison to my other - Assos - shorts) was waaaay too stretchy, didn't "hold" the family jewels in place - and was so thin it went see-through when in a tuck. They might have improved, but I'll not bother with so many other offerings about.
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